The COBRAS Method - The Direct Way to Induce Lucid Dreams

For a while now I’ve been searching for a more reliable way to induce lucid dreams. It seems all the techniques around at the moment are all based around focusing your energy and intention on developing mental and psychological triggers in order to become lucid. Well why not cut out the middle man and focus your energy and intention directly on becoming lucid!

Lucidity is simply a mental state that exists in the brain, albeit an unusual state that has characteristics of both being awake and of being asleep. Lucidity is not just a unique mental state, it is also a unique physical one. There is a particular combination of regions of the brain that are active when in a lucid dream that are not all active at any other time.

The first piece of good news is that this relationship is a two way street. Not only does the mental experience of a lucid dream cause this combination of brain regions to become active, but also the physical process of this combination of brain regions being active causes the experience of a lucid dream.

So what if you could just choose activate those regions of the brain? You would be able to become lucid on demand.

And now for the second piece of good news . . .you can!

Here’s a little one minute experiment you can do to prove it is possible:

Try focusing on the tip of your index finger on your right hand. Just keep concentrating on this area and after a few seconds, you will start to notice you can ‘feel’ this part of your body much more than normal. You might even begin to get a tingling sensation. This is because you are sending electrical signals via your nervous system to the nerves in the end of your finger.

Maintain this focused concentration on the end of your finger for about a minute and then stop. Even after you stop focusing you will probably still feel your fingertip continuing to tingle for a few seconds, exactly how long will vary from person to person and how good you are at maintaining your focus. This residual signal means the nerves in this region are still active and are still sending electrical signals between each other and back to your brain.

Amazing isn’t it! You can activate regions of nerves within your body just by concentrating on them. Not only that but the nerves will continue to be active for a little while even after your mind moves on to something else.

So now lets use this remarkable property of the human mind to directly induce a lucid dream!

The Conscious Brain Stimulation method for Inducing Lucid Dreams (or CoBraS for Short – Its a lot easier to remember!)

1.) Since the residual stimulation effect will only last for a limited time this technique works best when you are just about to enter a period of REM sleep. If you set an alarm to wake yourself up after approximately 5 hours of being asleep there is a high chance you will interrupt a REM period.

2.) Since you will shortly be back asleep anyway and so the areas of the brain associated with regular sleep will be active anyway the only area you need to consciously activate is the area associated with lucidity; the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex (at the front and to the left as shown in the image below Focus your attention on this region of your brain, and hold your concentration here while letting the rest of your body relax.

3.) You will begin to be able to feel this area of your brain more than usual just as you did when focusing on your fingertip. As your body should be both relaxed and tired you will quickly fall back asleep with residual activity still going on in this area.
4.) If you timed your alarm right and maintained your focus on this region of your brain both this and the regular REM sleep regions of your brain will be active simultaneously.

5.) The way in which you will experience becoming lucid may vary slightly. Some people simply have a sensation that they are in a dream and become lucid almost instantly, for others they will become much more aware of dreamsigns and become lucid via a reality check.

And there you have it a direct way to induce lucid dreams!


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