The Tangerine Technique

The tangerine technique is probably one of the simplest techniques you will find on InfiniteMinds, but don’t let its simplicity fool you. Like with so many things in life, the simplest ideas can often be the most powerful.

This technique will allow you to quickly and easily enter a peak performance state of mind associated with accelearted learning. While in this state you will; find it easier to concentrate and remain focused, remember more of what you learn, be better at solving problems and be able to come up with more creative solutions.

The Technique

1. Start by closing your eyes.

2. Next take a deep breath in, hold it for a few seconds and then slowly let it out. Repeat these slow deep breaths four or five times. Try to make each exhalation slower and deeper than the last. (People are often tempted to skip this step, but it is important as it prepares the mind and body for a change in states)

3. Hold an imaginary tangerine in your hand and take a moment to really experience it. Smell it, see the colour, feel the weight and the texture. Imagine throwing the tangerine back and forth between your hands.

4. Now take the tangerine in your dominant hand and place it on the top back part of your head. Touch that area gently and imagine feeling the tangerine resting there while you bring your arm down and relax your shoulders.

5. Just let the tangerine balance where you left it, really focus on the feeling of the tangerine resting against your head.

6. With your eyes still closed, imagine your peripheral vision expanding outwards and your field of vision opening up. Take a moment to notice what has happened to your physical and mental state, you will feel simultaneously relaxed and alert.

7. Maintain the relaxed feeling of alertness as you open your eyes and begin working on whatever it is you have to learn today.

The tangerine technique works particularly well when you have lots of material to read, and notes to make. If you take just two to three minutes to use this technique each time when you sit down to learn or study something new, you will soon find entering this peak performance state becomes automatic.

Try combining this technique with the Intutive Writing Method for a real free flow of creative ideas.


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